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Conservation of eco-systems






Eco-systems are the bio-logic-calibration body of the planet.


There is a world-wide eco-system.


Continental eco-systems.


 Nation wide eco-systems.


Regional eco-systems.


All these co-eco-systems work delicately

Hand in hand to keep the health of the planet in check.



Water is the blood of the planet

To keep it alive!

Helps to stabilize temperatures around the planet, and is a highly catalyzer of the weather patterns in the planet.

The oceans of the world are the stomach that digest all the intakes wash from the earth toward it.  





The rain forests of the world are being depleted by the continuation destruction of the planet by major international corporations.


  These rainforest are the lungs of the planet keeping the air clean for all species to breath.


 Nonetheless the deforestation taking Is taking place.





Being exploited


For the manufacturing commodities goods, clearing large amounts of rainforest also are use for production of beef, for junk food chain restaurants in the U.S.A. 


Precious woods for the rich,


 Manufacture of resins,


Most developed countries want more natural resources

For their development

Given the facto

That some of these countries have indeed depleted their own

And they are reaching to the poor ones to continue the killing of the planet.


It is a massacred of the planet!


These people are Nuts!



 The U.S.A is partially with other first countries as Japan, Russia & England and China the main contributors to the persistence depleting the last natural resources in the planet.


These countries are indeed


A major world problem


Because they are the main


House for all international corporations


That dictates to second and third world countries.


Their policy.




All these systems are inter-related one with the other, to keep the health of the planet sound and check; there are 8 millions and 4 hundred thousand species depending on the health of these eco-systems.

It is very important to make an eco-evolution

And declare ourselves free from all governments which are being manipulated by these corporations destroying the planet at the expense of profit for civilization.