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Eco Villages

Eco Villages


From the stone age to the stone age:



What is an eco-village:


An eco-village, is a village were people are living life, in harmony with nature.


What is living in harmony with nature?


Living in harmony with nature is: no cellular phones, no i-pods, no computers, no batteries watches, no internal combustion engines(cars), no plastic, no chlorinated fluorinated drinking water, no industrial pollution, no paper cups, and the list is long.


We replace all this archaic objects with real ones;

Horses, cows, donkeys, birds, chickens, redwoods, jungles, flowers, soil, compost, clean air,water, fire,earth. And real people, not plastic people.



With all this,

we produce everything fresh,

and where there is



 always is fresh.


What are we gona do with all cities?


There is no future in cities,


The system is cracking down on its feet,


Society have to submit itself!

it had fail to its humanity!

and we have to rediscover

the human fraternal potential.


With all tech-no-logical


the world

is being



There is no future on the moon either, or on space, or on mars, or anywhere but here, right here in this planet!


How looks to live on a eco-village?


Its gona looks good,

lots of food,

no poverty,

no a rush, to go anywhere,

because you there already,

lots of friends

and lots of homemade beer.






Yea, all you need is love, love, love and a little help from your friends.

Yea, all you need is love, love, love and a little help from your friends.

Eco villages are the main way to live in the future, because, in a given moment all this pollution (cars, computers, electronics goods, I pods, radios, plastic of all kinds, etc.etc.etc…) being created by society can at any given moment start bouncing back at people, by psycho logical  disorder, destroying the abilities of natural being to be able to act normal and able in the natural habitat that which we originally we originate.


Eco-organic-friendly transformation- living environment.

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