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Organic Gardening

Organic is Organic
organicaly grown



Is to grow food with Natural ingredients only!


Organic gardening is the art of growing food naturally, with no pesticides, herbicides and genetically modified organisms, (GMOs)


Organic gardening

 Is growing food without these chemicals, because of the health implications that these chemicals have on the soil, insects, and the natural bio-logical equilibrium of eco-existence on the human environment.(GMOs) are the most dangerous contaminants ever developed by the main agricultural conventional modern mass production of food. Any one consuming these foods are subject to develop genetically modified diseases uncompressible to cure.  





 If you want to grow food organically all you need is the SEED.


And also you need compost, which is the natural decay of all organic foliage of trees, leaves, fruit, and every thing that is natural decomposting into compost.



There is the Sun, the Wind, the Water, the Earth what’s more we need?


                    Agricultural science


                    Animal husbandry

                    Extensive farming

                    Factory farming


                    Free range

                    Industrial agriculture

                    Mechanised agriculture

                    Intensive farming

                    Organic farming


                    Stock-free agriculture

                    Sustainable agriculture

                    Urban agriculture


                    History of agriculture

                    Arab Agricultural Revolution

                    British Agricultural Revolution

                    Green Revolution

                    Neolithic Revolution

                    History of organic farming