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Peace now!


A message OF PEACE


By, Mahatma Chandra Bala

 Dr.Serge Raynaud de la ferriere




The New  Aquarian Peace


 has as its goal the uniting of Science and



 The separation of these two has had a disastrous

consequence and has contributed to the loss of the real wisdom

without which it is impossible for man to live in harmony, first

with himself and, secondly, with his neighbour.

No matter how perverted a man may be, one always finds, on

searching deep within him, a desire for peace. No matter how

spiritual a man may be religious instruction he receives in this

epoch is so incomplete that he cannot refrain from a bitter smile of

disillusion at the idea of peace. He considers it a Utopian hope of


The Aquarian Age, is about to bring proof to all t hat the willing

sacrifices and arduous labours of the Messengers of Peace are not

energies that are given out in vain, for the reason that the epoch of

struggle and skepticism in which we live is no more or less than a

law, or more precisely an astronomical phenomenon, which

appears at regular intervals.

In this period of transition are formed the bases for the New Era,

the Cycle of Aquarius, the New Age which marks the beginning of

a period of about two thousand years, which comes at each turning

point in the history of humanity.

The Sacred Tradition teaches us that at each New Era the Spirit of

God manifests on the earth. It is of no consequence what name we

give it-Christ, Avatar, Messenger. In any case it is always a great

teacher of humanity.

Those who know have seen in the sky the Sign of the "Son of

Man," as it is announced in the Gospels. Once more the Divine

Spirit manifests itself on the earth.

Let us have eyes to see and ears to hear. Let us not forget that the

last of the "Fishes" shall be the first of "Aquarius." The divine

Jhesu1 has given us the means to recognize the One that will come

to recall His teaching without distorting it by dogmatism or

fanaticism. Our Lord, the Nazarene, announces that "He who shall

come will speak in My Name, no longer in parables but in clear

language, clear and comprehensible to all."


1It is by design that the name is written without "s" and with an "h." The initiates knew the reason for

not believing in the divinity of the Lord Jesus, if one wrote JESUS, which corresponds only to an

historical personage.


He announces to us the possibility of knowing His Father, Our

Father, by the intermediary-He who shall come2 to wit: the Spirit of

Truth. Our attention is drawn to the fact that knowledge is always

written in italics in Holy Scripture. Knowledge will then be the star

which shall illuminate our path. Science and religion must unite to

complete their interlacing one to the other. This Mission is not only

the goal for the Order of Aquarius, but it is the indispensable means

for the evolution of the human being.

It is logical that in leaving the animal kingdom man had to lose

some of his instincts to permit his intelligence to develop. The

period of believing without knowledge has just died with the end of

the cycle of the “Fishes”. The new generations of "Aquarius" have

need of knowledge to believe and to leave this abject Materialism

which brings us egoism and, by consequence, war.

If there were one single sect, one single religion, one fraternity,

which possessed the Truth without any distortion, it would not be

necessary that a great teacher come into the world, but whether we

wish it or not, the sign is in the sky. It is easy for us to recognize

the Great Instructor. He knows and consequently is about to reveal

to each one its share of truth and its share of distortion. He does not

wish, naturally, any conversion unless there is union.

The great Instructor of the New Era is on the march through the

world with messengers of peace for the gathering of souls of

goodwill. To be a soul of goodwill is not so simple for if He comes

to give us a reason for the part of truth that we possess, let us not

forget that according to the example of Jesus, for love of us He is

implacable in obliging us to open our eyes to the part of distortion

that we equally possess. Let us give thanks to God and let us try to

merit the manifestation amongst us of a Superior Intelligence.


Aquarian Mission

Guatemala, Central America.


2The maxim of the Mission of the Order of Aquarius is the celebrated maxim:




Peace is the way

Peace the planet now!

Peace the universe

Peace your self

Sow peace and

Harvest peace.

Eat peace

Enjoy peace

Love peace

Dance peace

Share peace

Peace is.