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Over population
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over population
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Over populate with free people not machines.

Questions and answers on over populations


Q.- What cause overpopulation?


A. - Overpopulation is caused by domination.


Q. - what do you mean domination.


A. - I mean us being week over the strong.


Q. - Who’s’ strong.


A. - The ones like to be in charge.


Q. - Whose’ in charge.


A. - Governments are in charge.


Q. - What Governments have to do with overpopulations.


A. - A lot, governments are being control by Industry.


Q. - What industry.


A. - the Industry that makes everything we consume now.


Q. - You mean, computers, phones, cars, shoes, clothing,

     Plastic, weapons.


A. - Everything you are now. Is what they

     Make you. The make you to their specification.

     And they needed overpopulation to make profit off

     Every one of us by making us Human merchandise.

     Overpopulating the planet for profit.



Consumerism and profit is the base of overpopulation.

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