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Science, Religion, Art, Didactics. 


By Mahatma Chandra Bala

 Serge Raynaud de la Ferriere

Founder of the Universal Great Brotherhood

At the present time, when the events seem to surpass the limit of the average sociology, when the political and religious representatives dispute the supremacy of the masses, the Assemblies of Sages have the duty of assuming the World´s Organization Board for the popularization of Truth. 

    Since the most remote times, a community of evolved beings existed to show men their true mission. 
That was when education appeared with the objective of relating each one to his true value, without seeking to channel the spirits. 

    Scientists, often limited to the universe conceived by them, have to enlarge their points of view, not only for the well-being in general but also as regards their work, they also have to allow more philosophical principles to intervene, with the purpose of avoiding a deviation toward scientific fanaticism of which the investigation bases, seemingly unalterable, have become relative, and rapidly disposable. At the present moment, after acknowledging the most elementary aspect of things, one can affirm that they are not discoveries, but rather rediscoveries. 

    Religion (from Latin, "religare", to gather, unite) is not understood in our present days, in its true sense... More than three hundred sects frequently assume the name of " Religion ", and the consciences of the men are divided and await an answer in order to solve the tortures of the soul. None of the great philosophies have been able to satisfy the investigators. The main churches have been divided and subdivided into sects and subsects! Intolerance has given birth to fanaticism, opening the way to hatred, stimulated by the political ardors, forgetting that the theology of different religions is built upon identical bases; they only change the terminologies and the ceremonies. 

    Instead of constructing buildings to adore the symbols and emblems of Truth, it would be preferable to worship Truth directly, building a Spiritual Temple of universal dimensions. 

    Art has lost its sacred character a long time ago (we should emphasize its sacred character), and it is time for the artists to return to their true mission offering elements, not solely susceptible ones to the physical senses, but also a synthesis of manifestations that open up a route to the spiritual qualities. The musical scale corresponds to the spectrum of the colors, as well as to metals and very defined forms. The planets of the Cosmos are related with the endocrine glands. A sound is identical to a chromatic vibration, to an astral tonality and its magnetism is related to a neurofluidic centre of the organism, as well as another musical note is at the same time related to its "color", "planet", "metal", "word", to its graphic form and its plexus in the human being, etc.... 

    In the New Age the artistic mission will be able to be achieved by the exteriorización of the individuality, with its psychic attributes; by offering a work of art able to reveal an occult teaching through symbols or at least signs that may serve as bases to true concentration, allowing the individual to be carried out of himself. Professors, psychologists, educators of all classes, are facing the mentality of those who no longer have space for "belief" inside them; therefore, it is necessary to give explanations, avoiding discussing details and rather providing information of a general or global type; for that reason they must dedicate themselves to the most diverse matters and it is also necessary to base the lessons upon enough data, of the most distant sources. 

    Teaching has often been reduced to a dangerous limitation. Men and women of the XXth century want a Mathesis of Knowledge and not a small part of it. It is already time to reveal complete reality, in the abstract things as well as in concrete things, that is, TRUTH. 



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