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“is very easy to save the planet all what we need is to get together and find out what we all can do; one of the main issues is how to live in harmony with each other, everyone is beautiful human being-

Is all good- love the planet.

This is what we want! we want

friendly eco living  is the most  we need,  out the actually in a environment in which we are rich in the planet with everything  we need.- to eat and grow food- is not that hard at all,

most  of the time we hardly need to do anything.

Fruit grows from trees and food from seeds if we save and plant the ground there will be a bunch of food growing everywhere,,,,:”


we dont need a mechanical production of food at all and neither genetically synthesized pollution at all!!!

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We are a diverse multy culture,


living in one planet

with all species 

the planet is our home !

And let ,
the real

Let us know if there are any events or updates you would like to share with fellow members. Copyright 2004 Save The Planet All rights Reserved A non-for profit Organization of the Public Interest. Esteban Picos 332 Union St. Santa Cruz California 95060 USA