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Save the Planet Foundation Global Initiative



Save the Planet Foundation Global Initiative




Save the Planet Foundation Initiative believes the planet can restore itself to a normal state of being, if its human inhabitants believe in the power within by; accepting that we all part and parcels of the universe, and every thing that the universe have created has been created for the common good. By doing this we came down to the understanding that we all are planet citizens and all nations have the right to help to a global restoration of the planet. Is imperative to change now, to adopt the old way of living and merge them with modern way of thinking, by accepting that we all have equal responsibility to make the planet a better place to live. The planet is the only place to live and we can make this place a perfect home for all of us by:


v  Global Peace


v  Loving the Planet


v  Global Environment Clean Up


v  Social Economic Political Awareness


  And most important of all


v  Regional dependency and Barter


v  Enfranchise Society


v  Stop all wars now!



v  Re-engineer  modern life-style


v Ecological life support systems


v  Emphasis life in Nature.





The task of saving the planet from this catastrophic state of being seemingly impossible can be realize to a eco- workable solution for peace and prosperity for all in the planet.