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The idealistic spirit of revolution
Save the Planet Foundation
The idealistic spirit of revolution
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The student movement
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A perfect society

There is and there are revolutions every day.




There is and there are revolutions every day; we all living life, and as long as we have conscious life of ourselves there are revolutions. We are a world of such diverse human species and our needs are being accomplished by the geographical position of our living place. That’s why Eskimos are Eskimos Russians are Russians, Europeans are them Japanese are they and we are we.

But the question remain;

Why are there revolutions? And we can answer; there are revolutions because there are people who are unhappy with themselves and want to take over other people happiness. And manipulate them, and tell them that now they do not belong to themselves any more, they belong to me because I conquer them and they have lost their right to be free by themselves. And now they are going to do what I say, they going to dress as I like, they are going to eat what I give them to eat, they are going to lost their roots identity and their foundation of who were them, until there is nothing left of them


 Then I am the conqueror.


With all this the conqueror is not just a single men, they are many, they are all disperse in different colors and shapes, they all follow the same coin and the coin is not any more racism, or color of skin, the coin is green. Now in these days (plastic). Have you seen some of these people, some of these people are show on the TV. 

the idealistic society is one in which there are not countries, No one to obey, believe or be under anyone, we all are equal. Of the same species.

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