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Democracy & punishment


Democracy is a policy decided by the majority in a decision-making process, usually elections, and open to all citizens of a country. But the conservative point of view of a democracy have changed to authoritarian democracy in which nations with a democratic government are ruling civil governments by the consent of a bough vote. Have bought and changed the way of live of modern societies by the unanimous consent of the rich by buying the vote of the working class. And now we have a democracies being bought for the benefit of the rich who in turn own the Industry and all means of communication, technology, Medicine, Agribusiness Universities and infrastructure.




In an authoritarian democratic state enforces strong and sometimes oppressive measures against those in its circle of influence, generally without attempts at gaining their consent and often not allowing feedback on its policies.


In an authoritarian state, citizens are subject to state authority in many aspects of their lives, including many that other political philosophies would see as matters of personal choice. There are various degrees of authoritarianism; even very democratic and liberal states will show authoritarianism to some extent, for example in areas of national security.


In these modern times in which we supposed have excellence in governments and at least enjoying peace and happiness, governments are in paranoia of other governments, living in fear, of what its neighbor country might do in an-notice moment.


No democratic government or communist government with the exemption of perhaps some socialist government can be proud of what have done to its citizens, governments were right they would imply the demands of its citizens. It the U.S.A. for example segregation was not abolishing till 1950s. Social unrest is in no end, given the treatment of modern American government to treat Mexican undocumented workers worse than slaves. If it were a fair democracy it implies to treat all humans equal. Regardless of color creed of believes. Mexican at this moment are suffering for coming to America illegally an illegality being preserve for the benefit of all farms in the continental U.S.A. Mexicans come here illegally, they die crossing the border, they got exploited, and they are the back and bone of the American economy. This is the democracy that we live right now in this civilized world.


 United States, England, France, China, Russia, are dominating


Global Politics of Deception for Oil!

A free world is a free universe.

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