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Revolutions in the world
Save the Planet Foundation
The idealistic spirit of revolution
over population
The student movement
the spoken word


What communism and capitalism have done to the planet?


 A lot


They are almost undoubtly to this moment destroying, usurping, wiping out, killing people, taken away cultures, ways of life, and reaping the planet of all civil liberties in the planet.


People of all kind of life have being oppressed;


 Right now there is oppression in Iraq,


 Imposed by America by America lies,


 And of whether by the puppet government imposed by America


There is being domination of man by man


 And there is now,


 Since we have knowledge of ourselves


 Have being wars.


And there is war right now!


Can we live in this planet?


Without wars


 And we still don’t know how to live without wars,


This is the modern day of today.


We see wars in movies; we see wars in the TV.


We see wars and we give to our children’s war toys.


That's why there are wars, because man is being sold.






What communism and capitalism


Have done to the planet?






In China as of Tibet tell me about it


In Russia tell me again!


And in the continental America


Beyond description.






Live and let live


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